How to Lead People You Don't Like
Real Talk on Getting Out of Your Own @&%# Way!!!

Highly impactful and respected leaders have something in common: They know how to lead people they don’t like! At the foundation of this concept, one must embrace the idea of Reflective Leadership. What is it about you as the leader that needs to be examined in order to ensure your team achieves optimal results in the most effective way and in the shortest time frame?

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Do you come across as intimidating or insecure as a leader?
Are you constantly experiencing a MAD Mass Exodus?
Do you value what your team has to offer?
Is it important for your team members to respect AND like you?
Would you enjoy working for you and with you?
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Scherrine Davenport-Gray, aka, The Leadership Doctor, has been blazing the trails of organizational excellence for over 35 years! Her unique approach to leadership has allowed her to make long lasting, positive impacts in every setting she has touched! The main ingredient in Dr. Davenport-Gray’s “secret sauce” is centered around building respectful, empowering relationships with her team members.

Anthony Herbert is an entrepreneur and educator who spends time cultivating relationships that enhance leadership, support education, promote community, and provide impact! As an “Inspirational Change Agent,” Anthony helps leaders achieve their goals in a positive and efficient manner through leadership training and career coaching.

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